My feet are starting to hurt when I walk.  They really hurt when I get out of bed in the morning.  What should I do, I don’t want to stop walking.
“Fretting my foot pain” Felicia

When you say your feet are hurting it is hard to know where they hurt exactly.  It is important because the location of pain will help us determine what your injury MOST LIKELY is.  The most common condition the affects runners and walkers is plantar fasciitis.  This injury is characterized by pain felt in the arch of the foot on the side nearest your big toes.  The pain may be worse in the morning as you get out of bed.  If your pain is in between your toes you may have a Morton’s neuroma which is a swollen nerve.  If the pain is under the ball of your foot and feels like there is a rock in your shoe then you may have a “dropped” metatarsal which leads to metatarsalgia.

Of course the possibility always exists that you may have a stress fracture also.  If you have arch pain and your heel hurts in the morning upon rising from bed or if you have been sitting tool long then you probably have plantar fasciitis.  This can usually be remedied by making sure you have the correct shoes and possibly you may need an additional arch support.  Your local running shoe specialist will typically have a variety to choose from.  Choose the pair that helps the pain but is also comfortable. There are also ways to stretch your Achilles tendon that will actually help with your arch pain as well.  Before getting out of bed try sitting with a towel around the ball of your foot and pulling back towards your body for approximately 45 seconds.  Then bend your knee about twenty degrees and pull back with the towel again for another 45 seconds.  You may be surprised the find that your pain is drastically reduced when you feet hit the floor.  If the pain persists see your local running walking doctor who will be able to provide additional therapy which should help alleviate the condition or perform additional testing to make sure you do not have something more severe.  Good luck!